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Hi. I'm Trey.

I Want To Be Your Next Mayor Of Brownsville

I believe that I possess the skills necessary to lead our great city to its full potential and desire nothing else than to make it a better place for everyone to call home. I’m willing to take on this challenge but will need all of you to help make it a reality. Special interest groups will make it hard and they will spend money to get their candidates elected. We have a lot of work to do in the coming weeks.  Please help us get the word out.

  • I'm ethical and honest. I want Brownsville to be respected again.
  • I'm tired of hearing about what Brownsville should or could be.
  • I'm ready to take the lead to make Brownsville what it's meant to be.

I humbly ask for your support and your vote.

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My Campaign Objectives

There are so many important issues that we need to discuss and take action on to prepare Brownsville for the future.  As a city, I believe we’re on the cusp of major growth.  In order to capitalize on coming opportunities and realize our potential, we need new leadership.  Below are some of my top priorities.   

Small Business

Brownsville will be "Open For Business." I want the process of creating a new business to be easy and efficient across the city with a special focus on downtown development.

Public Safety

I want to see vital improvements to infrastructure and drainage for our city. We also need to increase the number of police officers, firefighters and first responders.

Fiscal Management

Fiscal responsibility is imperative. No more wasted resources or special interests. When we spend money, we should know exactly what we're doing, and make educated decisions to ensure a return on investment.

Internal Diplomacy

Team building and team work are needed for any city to be successful. I bring people together and get things done. I'm going to work hard with other city leaders to move Brownsville forward.

Higher Education/ Workforce

I have experience with our local College and University. We need key updates and improvements to the professional programs we offer students in order to increase and strengthen our workforce.

Economy & Tourism

Brownsville has so many assets. Let's promote it to the rest of the world. I want to bring strong industry to Brownsville and vastly increase tourism to enhance economic growth.

It's not about me or anyone else, it's about what's best for Brownsville.

-Trey Mendez

My Experience and Civic Engagement


  • The University of Texas at Austin
    School of Law, 2005
  • The University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB/TSC)
    B.A. in Government/ Minor in English, 2002


  • Mendez Law Firm, Founder
  • Co-Owner and Founder:
    Dodici Pizza & Wine, LLC
  • Las Ruinas Propertiesm LLC, Owner/Member


  • TSC Board of Trustees Place 4 (2010 - Present)
  • TSC Foundation - Board of Directors (2017 - Present)
  • The Historic Preservartion and Design Review Board of the
    City of Brownsville Preservation Society, Inc.
  • Founding Member, Brownsville Preservation Society, Inc.
  • University of Texas-Austin, Texas Exes Scholarship Committee (2006 - 2012)
  • Brownsville Historical Association Board of Directors (2012 - 2017)
  • Insurance Law Section, State Bar of Texas:
    Council Member (2017 - Present)
  • State Bar of Texas - Transparency Task Force (2017 - 18)
  • Main Street - City of Brownsville: Board Member (2018 - Present)

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